ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

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Room sensors: they measure temperature and occupancy allowing you to achieve the comfort settings you want in the rooms that matter most. One room sensor included, 2-packs sold separately

Save money: ecobee uses Advance sensing, external weather data, and learns your HVAC system to save you up to 23% on your heating and cooling bills* compared to a hold of 72 degrees

Great compatibility & reliability: Ecobee4 works with the vast majority of residential HVAC systems. Check your compatibility by using the compatibility checker on the ecobee Website. 3yr warranty provided

Easy install: installation takes approximately 30 min and we provide in-app Guided videos to make it easy. No c-wireno problem – use the power extender kit included in the box

Works with your smarthome ecosystem: Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Apple homekit, microsoft cortana, Samsung SmartThings, wink, IFTTT – Ecobee4 works with them all

Alexa built-in with speakers and microphones: its like having an Amazon echo dot built right into your thermostat!* some Alexa functionality not supported – see Alexa section below

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